Aimee Wilkinson

Site Supervisor & Admin Assistant

Aimee manages two roles within the business, one as site supervisor and the other as administrative assistant.

As site supervisor, she supports staff who are working on client sites and is the first point of contact for product orders and managing staff supplies. She also oversees the delivery of products to site so make sure staff are fully equipped which what they need at all times.

She also manages sick days and holidays and deals with any queries the staff might have.

One of her key clients is PD Ports, one of AAA’s biggest contracts, and for this Aimee will supervise the staff on site and make sure they’re properly trained and adhering to all company policies and procedures.

As admin assistant, Aimee manages the utilities and council tax requirements for AAA’s property portfolio.

She also manages the holiday calendar, project and finance spreadsheets and company budgets, reporting into Paige and Alison every month to make sure everything as it should be.