Removals and Clearance

Do you need help cleaning up a commercial property, or have items that need safely disposing of?

    We can help…

    The first stage of the process is to determine what you need from us based on the product/s that need removing, the weight, size, where they’re being moved from and to and how big the space is that we have to work with.

    We can then give you an accurate quote for the work.

    Your requirements will be overseen by an experienced manager supported by a team of staff, who will all be professionally dressed in our corporate uniform so you know who is there to help you.

    At the outset, we’ll conduct a health and safety audit to ensure all relevant risk assessments and data required is in place, so you know you’re in safe hands.


    • We have set rates per hour
    • Your quotation will show all costs anticipated.
    • Where a cost is variable such as disposal, we quote the expected cost and the amount is edited upon completion., ensuring you pay the actual cost and no more.

    Our accreditations…

    • Waste Carriers License
    • RESET